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tikalA short ride to the International Airport located a mere 10 miles from Belize City, and off you go by air to Flores, Guatemala. The flight is about 50 minutes, and the lakes, especially, are a beautiful sight from your aircraft. Upon arrival, your Tour Guide will be there to take you on your tour.

Tikal…. Greatest of all classic Mayan cities, lies to the northwest of Flores, Guatemala, towering a dense jungle. In this remote area, one of the greatest civilizations of its time established a city that endured for centuries.

The site of Tikal comprises of some 3000 massive stone temples and palaces dating back thousand of years, and is probably the most important discovery for this century. It is a place for wondering – not only at the engineering accomplishments of the Maya, but also at the jungle splendors of the Peten.

The site of Tikal is a National Park, where the native flora and fauna flourish undisturbed. There is abundant wildlife at this site, such as howler monkeys, coati mundi, foxes, pumas, and wild turkeys roaming the ground and various species of birds, which are visible in the surrounding jungle. After your tour is complete, you will be transferred to the airport in Flores for your return flight to Belize City.




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