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river_tubingBalam Ha will be the hub of your rainforest adventure once again as you are outfitted for your river tubing expedition. Comfortably ensconced on an inflated inner tube, let yourself be transported by the natural flow of the Xibun River. Your guide will interrupt your tranquility to point out underground springs that constantly supply the Xibun River. As a consequence of so much lush, green brilliance, it almost overloads the senses. Budding tree species, like the Ceiba, the ancient Maya's sacred tree, tower above the rainforest canopy.

It is common to encounter exotic animals and birds that frequent riverine habitats. After about an hour in the water, you will climb the banks of the Caves Branch to the terrace land above to continue your rainforest adventure, in the back of an open motorized lorry as you travel along a rainforest trail. The lush under-story of myriad palms, Heliconias, Ferns and Shrubs becomes the subject of attention. Here in the shade of the forest canopy the ancient Xibun Maya cultivated their cash crop, the cacao, the stuff from which chocolate dreams are made.

Your guide will stop to point out trees and plants that are the sources of medicinal herbs and spices found in gourmet kitchens. Arriving back at the hub you may choose to freshen up with a dip in the crystal clean waters of Balam Ha before you are treated to a lunch of savory Belizean BBQ chicken and fresh-squeezed citrus juice.

Includes: Transportation, equipment, lunch and sodas.

Duration: 5 hours.




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