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courtStart your day off with a tour of “Modern Belize” as you are taken around Belize City to see points of interest such as the “Belize City Swing Bridge”; “St. John’s Cathedral”, the oldest Anglican Cathedral Church in Central America, as well at the “Baron Bliss Lighthouse” that was built from money donated by Belize's greatest benefactor - Baron Bliss, the 5th baron of Portugal.


Then you’re off to “Old Belize”. The Old Belize cultural and historical center offers a glimpse into the intriguing history and culture of Belize with life-size recreations and antiques.


harbour_drinksYour tour starts as you are taken inside the rainforest, well, you’ll feel like you’re there.


Then you enter the land of the Maya with their magnificent architecture and innovative farming and astronomy techniques.From there, you get a similar glimpses of the logwood, sugar and chicle industries, as well as recreations of old Garifuna fishing settlements, and a 1900's recreation of Belize City.


By now you may be thinking that you’ve already gotten your money’s worth, but there’s more, now the fun starts as you head over to the Belize Brewing Company for a tour of the Belikin Factory that produces Belize’s national Beer and of course no brewery tour would be complete without the opportunity to do some quality control sampling of the final product, and you get to do just that, 45 minutes all you can drink free! After your tour of the brewery its back to Belize City for a delicious Belizean lunch at the Harbour View restaurant.


Includes: Guided tour of the city, A/C vehicle, 45 minutes of free Belikin beers, lunch and all entrance fees.


Duration: 6 hrs.



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