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A Day on the Farm

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plants2A mere 15 miles from your cruise-liner you can spend a day on a beautiful Belizean farm. Upon your arrival, you will be given an orientation of the facilities where you will be able to choose a tour of your choice.


Take a walk through orchards that reveals over 50 species of fruit trees namely; Sapodilla, Passion fruit, Casa-banana. View over 600 species of plant life grown within the botanical gardens, or enjoy a leisurely canoe paddling experience as you journey through Hector Creek’s lowland rainforest surroundings, where you can spot exotic flora and fauna; sightings include birds such as the Louisiana Heron, Kill-deer Vermilion Flycatcher and Northern Jacana.


Other possible sightings include native animals such as the Iguana, Coati Mundi, Lesser Ant Eater and crocs, just to name a few. Complete your day with a well-prepared Belizean dish topped off with a natural fruit juice. After lunch, board your tour van for your return drive to the City for duty free shopping.



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